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Hello my name is Connor and this is my corner. I make posts about what I learned from school and show my assignments. I like to be funny and I show it in my posts sometimes. I also like walking, around towns or in nature.


Grade 8 English Lesson 87

Today I read A Tale of the Western Planes by G.A Henty chapters 3-4. I also wrote a one to two page essay.

Today I wrote an essay on the following topic. Can people have too much enthusiasm? Generally when people are enthusiastic about something, it means they are exited about something or they want it now. So if they are enthusiastic about their work they will work harder, and probably even enjoy their work. However if someone is really enthusiastic about this plan which you know is going to fail, it’s really hard to get that person to change their mind. Have you ever wanted something really bad and found out that it sucks after you have it? Yeah, your parents or whoever tried to say that you wouldn’t want it, but did you care? You probably didn’t. So enthusiasm can be a bad thing. And even when it’s a good thing. Generally too much of a good thing can turn bad. Still enthused about your work? Well you might become a workaholic and become unhealthy due to not eating enough. Too much enthusiasm can be a bad thing, but is too much enthusiasm even possible. Well, I think that there is a limit, to how enthused someone is. If there is a little kid that wants this toy, bad, and you tell him he can’t have it. For one he’s gonna freak out, and two, if you wait long enough he will get over it. You don’t normally see two in America cause parents seem to get babies whatever they want. So when their super cute baby becomes a child that will scream every time he doesn’t get what he wants, know this. If you give a baby everything it want as a baby, what do you think he expects when he turns into a kid? Everything! So that’s why you have kids screaming in supermarkets in America, their parents don’t get him everything they want. Anyways I think there is a limit to enthusiasm.

ABC Lesson 4

Today I learned about following instructions. It doesn’t matter how good you do a job if it’s the wrong job. Which is why it’s important to listen clearly to instructions. An athlete can listen to his coaches instructions and win a game. But at the same time he doesn’t believe he can do math, and fails at the test. You know why he fails the test, it’s because he doesn’t have the same determination to follow the instructions. Often times how wel we do at things comes down to how determined we are to follow the instructions.

Grade 9 Business Lesson 15

Today I did a review. I also had to write a one to two page essay.

Today I wrote an essay on the following topic. Why is running my own business a way to guarantee my employment in 2030? Well my obvious first answer is, nobody can fire you from your own business. Unless your business fails, which it might, you have a job. Since it’s only 2017, there is still some time to try starting a business. Because your first business has a much higher chance of failing than your second one, start early. If your second one fails, try a third one, it the third one instantly fails, maybe you haven’t put into account if people want your product or not. My point is a business may not be a stable job, and it may fail, but that’s why you start early. When you’re young you can afford to fail, it’s not like you have a family to support. There’s no better way to learn something than to do it. With robots and many other things taking jobs, there’s no guarantee one won’t take yours. As I said as time goes on, the automation of the workplace will continue. And as a business owner, it makes sense to to automate, and make things more efficient. If you are an employee, you might be working along side robots, but as a business owner, you gain more profit from them.

Grade 8 English Lesson 86

Today I started reading A Tale of the Western Plains by G.A Henty. I also started learning how to write a storybook. Good writing is:

  • Easy to read and understand
  • Follows conventional grammar standards
  • Creative or entertaining to read

I also had to write a 1 to 2 page essay.

Today I wrote an essay on the following topic. Is a perfect society possible or even desirable? A perfect society isn’t possible, as everyone has sinned. From the moment Adam and Eve ate the fruit of knowledge, condemned themselves and all of their offspring to sin. Everyone is a descendant of Adam and Eve, which means we all sin. Also if we all descended from the same people, that means that there are no “higher races” and no “lower races.” Since no one is perfect, a whole bunch of people can’t be perfect. So now the question remains, do we desire a perfect society. Well I don’t know about you but I don’t want a perfect society without God. I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to end suffering and have everyone be happy. But without God there is no purpose to live. If we could accomplish a perfect society without God, then we wouldn’t need him, and everybody would forget about him. Imagine you’ve spent a a lot of time taking care of a pet, and when you’re done it doesn’t believe that you exist or it hates you. Nobody would want that. Yet God still loves us, and the least we can do is love him back. Do I want a world where everybody is perfect, and their creator is forgotten? No! How about a perfect society with God in the center of it? One already exists, it’s called heaven. Just know that we didn’t make it, God made it for those who believed that Jesus died for their sins.

Grade 8 History Lesson 58

The Spanish Civil War and the Rise of Francisco Franco

April 1, 1939

     While the Holocaust was spreading in Europe, Spain was suffering over it’s own problems. You see when Ferdinand and Isabella married in 1496, they united Argon and Castile, the largest kingdoms of Spain, they also started a long line of kings and queens. Now the eventual breakdown of of the monarchy was slow and painful, and it lasted 462 years. After losing the monarchy under Isabella II, it was restored under her son, only to lose it again under her grandson, King Alfonso XIII. Under great pressure from Spain’s growing movement for democracy, Alfonso allowed for free elections. When the people voted for a republican style government, Alfonso fled the country, and in his place, republican leaders took control.

The republican leaders wrote a constitution and elected Spain’s first president, however the people wanted their king back. Why? It was about this time that the Great Depression had hit, and many of the citizens were suffering. This cause a great division in Spain, those who supported the new republican government on the left, and those who wanted a king on the right (In Spain the republicans are on the liberal left, to those in America). Each side grew and attracted other various groups. With the left attracting, liberals, socialists, and communists it became the Popular Front. And the right attracting conservatives, army leaders and generals, the Roman Catholic Church, and Fascists it became the National Front. The beginning of the Spanish Civil War occurred when the right-wing Spanish army declared war on the Popular front, on July 17, 1936. The National Front chose Francisco Franco as their leader, he was a general in the Spanish army.

Francisco Franco was born into a military family,so when he joined the military he quickly rose up in ranks. In honor of his high rank, the best man at his wedding was none other than King Alfonso. So when Alfonso fled Spain, the republicans who had seen Franco’s growing power, ordered him off the mainland to a post on the Canary Islands. As mentioned, this didn’t stop the Spanish army from turning to him and naming him their “Generalissimo.” Though he was not a Fascist throughout his entire career, he was a member of a Fascist party called the Falange. Franco was as persuasive, and full of promises as Hitler, and own his own concentration camps. Speaking of Hitler, he admired Francisco, and offered Nazi assistance to the right-wing.

One main reason he did this was to test out new weapons. Hitler chose the small town of Guernica, to test out his weapons, and as most men were out fighting in the civil war, the bulk of the victims were women and children. On the fateful day of April 26, 1927, German warplanes bombed Guernica killing 1,600, and those not killed by the bomb were shot. In memorial Pablo Picasso expressed his feelings in a black, white, and blue painting simply titled Guernica.

After three years, many battles, thousands of political executions, and the loss of half a million lives, the republican leaders surrendered to Franco on April 1, 1939. After this Franco’s power was unshakable, he abolished the constitution, and allowed only one party which was an extension of Falange. When it came to WWII Hitler and Mussolini happily invited Spain to join them, however it was to spent from it’s own civil war. Franco’s regime lasted 36 years until his death, and really it was both oppressive and successful. Oppressive in that 100,000 to 200,000 of Franco’s political enemies were killed. However it was successful for being the only fascist-style government to survive WWII, and restoring prosperity to Spain. Before his death in 1975, he appointed the grandson of Alfonso XIII, Juan Carlos. Carlos ironically reversed all of Franco’s policies, restoring the Spanish parliament. It remains a democratic monarchy today under their son, Felipe VI who inherited the throne in 2014.

ABC Lesson 3

Today I learned about home offices. As a kid my job is to do my homework and do well at school. In my case my school is my house. Either way you still have to do homework. And it is important to have your own little “home office” just like business men. There are a couple of things you need for a home office, according to Gary North:

  1. A desk
  2. A bookshelf that sits on your desk
  3. A good reading light
  4. A desk chair that supports your lower back.
  5. A file cabinet or a box, with some hanging folders
  6. Two card file for 3″ by 5″ and 6″ by 8″ note cards
  7. A 3-ring notebook for holding class notes
  8. A large, 3-hole, wide-margin, spiral-bound notebook for taking lecture notes

He also told me to set up a time to be at my desk each day. To try and reduce noise. And to schedule in sleep time, yes even Gary North takes cat naps.