Lesson 40 Essay

Lesson 40 Essay
by Connor Sin
Jack London like all other writers had a unique style of writing. Today I will compare Jack London’s writing style with other writers.I will start by talking about Jack London’s style then other writers style.

Jack London is very good at drawing you into the story. Describing the story as if you were there with fine details. He is also good at making you understand the character’s situation and feel the character. As an example I will be using a book of his that I read called White Fang. In the story the main protagonist is a wolf, he tells the story from the wolf’s point of view. The White Fang is moved from environment to environment showing the world used to be like.

Another Author I’ve read from was George Henty he liked history. His book The Dragon and the Raven was a historical story about the Saxon’s fight with the Danes. G.A Henty takes a more historical style as he tells the story of Edmund while introducing you about medieval times.


Lesson 30 Essay

Week 30 Essay
Connor Sin

Today I will be talking about the Saxons and their culture . Life in the country was simple, at the table there were no utensils except for the occasional knife. After the meal an ewer full of water is brought forward with a napkin to cleanse the hands. A bed of straw in the old days was considered luxury as most simply laid down in cloth.

As for the nobility “luxury” is much more common. Almost everyone at court dresses with the most fine clothing. However not all nobility have time to enjoy the luxury. Knights are the soldiers of the medieval times they serve the king and are well respected. The king is the ruler of the nation, his role is to make vital decisions to help the nation. As is wasn’t as safe back then they lived in castles.

The wealthy had vast estates with many servants and bodyguards. They had luxury like fine clothes and straw beds. The poor however had to work for a living and could never get enough money to stop. The poor almost never got out of poverty and are sometimes treated unfairly.

The Normans were the descendants of the Norse people. They fought with the Normans and had different culture. They had different ideas when it came to clothing and discipline. The laws were also different.

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