Lesson 45 Essay

The moral of this essay is to study A Knight of the White Cross and give critiques. The critiques will be completely of my preference of the author’s setting, style and character development.
The setting is in 15th century Europe starting with the War of the Roses. However G.A. Henty seems to use the War of the Roses to give an introduction to the time period and main character. We then follow the main character Gervaise Tresham to the Island of Rhodes. Where the knights of St. John live in constant state of battle with the Muslim pirates. The pirates go from island to island destroying the people and taking slaves.

G.A. Henty has a really historical approach. However he also has a mind for making the fictional characters. He blends the history with the fiction to create an interesting story with historical events. This is what most of his books do.

As mentioned earlier Gervaise Tresham is the main character. He had fought for the House of Lancaster in the War of the Roses. After losing he went to the Knights of St. John simply to be of service. He is accepted and after some conflict with some Muslim pirates he is knighted. Gervaise never stops growing wiser and quick witted and even stops a plot to help the slaves escape.