Grade 8 Personal Finance Lesson 47

Today I learned about spending on entertainment. Try to find ways to entertain yourself that don’t consume too much of your time and aren’t addictive. Also try to keep the cost on what you buy for that purpose fairly low. The timing of when you buy something can be key, if you want to get a movie wait for it to get cheaper. Or rent the movie that works too.


Grade 8 Science Lesson 72

Today I learned about the risk of swimming and some precautions. Just some swimming risks for 1-4 year olds drowning is the number one cause of death. In general for all ages drowning is the 5 leading cause of death.

The main reason people drown is that there is no supervision. Yeah it is very annoying to get yelled at by your local life guard, but he’s actually trying to save your life. Bad judgement is also deadly, even the strongest swimmer can be endangered his own bad judgement. Another reason of death is the lack of a personal flotation device (or a life jacket). Don’t swim if you have a serious medical condition or if you have been recently injured. And finally the most obvious for last, don’t swim if you don’t know how to swim!

Now that you know why and how people die from drowning its time to prevent it. First always make sure that where you’re swimming in is a safe place. If the water is murky don’t just jump in, heck don’t even swim there it’s gross. If you can make sure there’s a supervisor watching you that’s over 21 that’s great too. Again with the obvious make sure you know how to swim. Because its probably not advised to swim if you don’t know how to swim. And finally use the buddy system if you’re not sure of your swimming skills. The buddy system is basically a system where you take a friend to swim with you. If one of you gets into danger your “buddy” can save you. However that’s if you want to be really safe.

Grade 8 English Lesson 91

Today I started reading G.A Henty’s The Lion of the North Chapters 1-4. I was introduced to Malcom the protagonist, the story itself started with the Defenestration of Prague. Then moved on to the battles that Malcom fought. At the end Malcom and his men are almost finished Malcom retreats to a house that disguises him as a servant. He ends up in Tilly’s camp.

Grade 8 Personal Finance Lesson 46

Today I learned about giving. Just to start off I just learned that today was “Donation Tuesday”. No you haven’t been missing out on a special holiday I just found that ironic.

Disclaimers: Giving is not a bad thing, I am not trying to stop you from giving.

Anyways today I got some tips for donating effectively. First of all think carefully about which causes or charity are worth your money. Don’t be afraid to hang up the phone do a little research and then give, some charities keep a huge chunk of what they collect. Also, you know thoseĀ solicitors that stand outside the store, unless you already know a lot about that charity don’t feel obligated to give. Again it never hurts to slow down a little bit, do some research and then give. And if you’re gonna give be a reliable giver, planned consistent giving can be effective.

Don’t respond to e-mail solicitations, legitimate organizations normally don’t ask for donations through e-mail. Never ever send money to a foreign bank, just don’t. Always Find the real website. Just a link to a watchdog organization: Charity Navigator. org.

Grade 8 Science Lesson 71

I’m back from my Thanksgiving break which was great. However onto what I learned today, today I started the next sector of my science. Which is life saving, if you want to know what life saving is I’ll give you an example. Life guards are basically certified life savers. So as you might guess life saving is act of saving a life.

Life saving doesn’t have to be limited to life guards. I mean you could just be at a pool with your friend and then notice someone is drowning and save him. What I’m trying to say is that skills like life saving are actually practical sometimes.

Grade 8 Personal Finance Lesson 44

Today I learned about John D. Rockefeller. John D Rockefeller was a big man in oil, he did a lot to lower the prices of oil. People in that day went into the oil industry to make big money and so did Rockefeller. However Rockefeller went in with the idea that the path to success was to cut waste and produce the best product at the lowest price. That simple idea changed the oil industry forever.

Rockefeller and his partner found many uses for the byproducts of the kerosene oil. And soon Rockefeller was rising to the top of the oil industry. Most people worked until sundown because the oil for the lamps was too expensive. Because Rockefeller made his oil so cheap more people could work longer which made them more money. But in growing so big, Rockefeller had many rivals. No one could keep up with Rockefeller. And so they complained instead of finding ways to make their oil cheaper. It was not because they couldn’t figure it out it was because they were lazy.

However the government broke up Rockefeller’s company without conducting and economic analysis. Rockefeller’s company broke up into about 34 different companies. Sad as it is Rockefeller’s work is still benefiting us today and so are some of his companies.