Grade 7 English Lesson 107

Today I read A Journey to the Centre of the Earth Chapters 40-44. After passing out the raft pulled into a cavern and encountered a “giant crocodile shark”. They got off and started running, Harry darted into a cave, left his uncle and guide and hid in a fissure. Then Harry heard some “Ape Gigan” and started running again and then he woke up. After waking up he starved, as did the others however Hans again finds food. As the group delved deeper into the earth the temperature rose. This was because a volcano was erupting but soon the volcano stopped and they were completely fine. And somehow they got erupted from the volcano back on the surface of the earth again. However they were not in Iceland land more, they were in Sicily. After making it back home Harry’s uncle is made rich.


Grade 7 English Lesson 106

Today I read A Journey to the Centre of the Earth Chapters 34-39. Harry upon looking at his compass determined that the gusts of wind in the storm had carried them backwards, while not to their port. The group determined not to go back but rather to find a new route, and that new route led straight through an graveyard of dead prehistoric creatures and among the fossil they found a human skull. The professor was excited beyond belief as the place was a library that was never touched besides the first explorer. After leaving the graveyard they came across a forest in which they encountered people using elephants to rip down trees. And so they ran for miles from the humans and upon running they found a dagger. The dagger upon close examination from the professor had belonged to Arne Saknussemm, the first explorer of the depths of the earth. The group then continued on their journey but were blocked by a rock and so they used gunpowder to blow it up. Harry lit the fuse and when it ended the rock was blown up however they got completely lost. And with their confusion came a current which carried them beyond their control. The group held on to their makeshift raft for dear life.

Grade 8 Personal Finance Lesson 62

Today I learned about internet entrepreneurship. To be a good entrepreneur and blogger become a go to expert. And don’t say something on your blog that could compromise you in the future. Future customers may look up information from your blog from years to come. Also make sure to watch your English or, don’t write like you talk (unless you are a good talker). Another good place to build your company on the internet is YouTube, you’ve probably heard of it. Make sure that the videos you produce go along the line of what you intend to do. Pay attention to your viewers and make sure to keep videos consistent.

Grade 8 Science Lesson 87

Today I learned about rescuing victims with spinal injuries. The most important thing to do when handling a victim with a spinal injury is to not make it worse. The first rescue is for victims that are facing upwards and are floating on their back. Approach the victim from the front, then grab the victims arms and gently position the elbows next to the head. Next is a rescue that deals with a victim that is face down. Approach the victim from the side and grab both of the victims arms. Position the hands next to the head  and gently roll the victim so that he or she is now facing upwards. Now swim towards the shore and while doing so try to keep the victim as horizontal as possible

Grade 8 Personal Finance Lesson 61

Today I learned about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are people who see a possible new way to organize resources to practice to produce something they think people will want, and who take control of these resources to create their product. Profit and loss are the way entrepreneurs get feedback. If the resources are arranged wisely and in a way make customers better off there will be profit and vice versa. As an entrepreneur there are challenges like, diligence, competition, regulations taxes and changes in the economy. Your work ethic is going to be your biggest advantage, however it can also be your biggest disadvantage. Competition is another big factor for entrepreneurship. Ask these questions to keep up with the competition:

  1. How much competition is there right now?
  2. How much competition will there be in a year?
  3. Can you mimic the best of what your competition is doing?
  4. Can you improve upon what your competition is doing?

Changes in the economy greatly effect your company. For example in the 1990 70% of paper carriers were kids, by 2008 only 13% of paper carriers were kids. If you haven’t figured out yet this is because no one had though of using technology for getting your daily information.

Grade 8 Science Lesson 86

Today I learned about advanced techniques using special equipment. The first technique is the rescue board rollover. Swim up to the victim with the board and flip the board over. Then put both of the victims hands on the board and flip the board back over. If done correctly the victim should be laying on the board perpendicular to the board. Next is the a rescue using a rescue tube. Approach the victim from the behind with the rescue tube. Then put your hands under the victim’s arms in the form of a hook. Drag the victim onto the rescue tube which should be underneath your hands. Then kick towards the shore and if victim is conscious ask the victim to kick.

If you are in a pool and have a strapless backboard and an assistant, ask your assistant to grab the victims hands (with his or her right hand grabbing the victims left and vice versa). You grab the backboard and position it on either the left or right (if your assistant’s right hand is on top of his other hand place the backboard to his right and vice versa) Next make sure the backboard is about level with the victim. Then your assistant has to rotate the victim by uncrossing his or her arms. After the victim is on the board, use one of your hands to grab the board and the other hand to grab one of the victims hands. While your assistant does the opposite. Then gently lift the board out of the water.

Grade 7 English Lesson 105

Today I read A Journey to the Centre of the Earth Chapters 28-33. The professor discovers that the sea under the earth’s surface actually has a tide. They built a makeshift raft and set out upon the sea. After going a ways the guide spots a iron bar with giant teeth marks in it, later they find all sorts of giant creatures. A little while later they spotted another monster. Then they battled the elements on their raft and were cast on some rocks. And so they set out to fix the raft.