Grade 8 Personal Finance Lesson 82

Today I learned about resumes. A resume shows many things, your experience and skills and your attention to details. Spelling mistakes can be the difference between a job interview and a denial. 43% of managers say that spelling mistakes on resumes can disqualify you. Now a days many companies use robots to read your resume try to make your resume robot friendly. By using keywords, web standard fonts, creating a bulleted list of qualifications and skills. For even more tips go to


Grade 8 Science Lesson 77

Today I learned about meteors and comets. Shooting stars are spectacles to watch but they aren’t actually stars. They’re asteroids that pass through the earths atmosphere. And the streak of light you see after them? That’s caused by friction between the asteroid and particles in our atmosphere which basically causes the asteroid to burn up. Just to get things clear here are the technical names to meteors and stuff.

  • Meteoroids are space rocks less than 50 meters in diameter
  • Meteors are space rocks that are in the earths atmosphere
  • Meteorites are space rocks that have hit the ground

There are three basic types of meteors. Stony meteorites are the most common meteors to fall however they are also the hardest to find because once they fall they blend in with the other rocks. Stony iron meteorites ( I swear I’m not making these up) are really rare and make up only 1% of all meteorites. Iron meteorites are usually made up of iron but sometimes also are mixed with nickel.

Comets are categorized by how long they take to orbit around the sun. A short period comet takes 200 years or less to orbit around the sun. A long period comet takes 200 years or more to orbit around the sun. Comets never enter the earths atmosphere are have extremely elliptical orbits which is one reason they are made out of ice. So comets have elliptical orbits which makes them travel extremely far from the sun, the farther from the sun you are the colder. The most famous example of a comet is probably Halleys Comet, it was first discovered before Christ’s time. It has a 75 year orbit cycle which makes it a short period comet. The last time it was seen was in 1986 and the next time it will be seen is in 2061.

Grade 8 History Lesson 10

Today I learned more on the American Revolution. Brooklyn was taken by the British and winter was coming. And due to the weather the British were off guard, that’s when Washington crossed the Delaware and took Brooklyn back. Betsy Ross made the first American flag in 1776 after the flag act. After the tragic killing of Jane McCrea The Americans won the Battle at Saratoga. However later the British took Philadelphia so Washington and his troops tried marching to Philadelphia but had to stay at a place called Valley Forge for the winter, unfortunately the British had moved on when they finally got there.

While Washington was in Valley Forge Benjamin Franklin recruited the French with the Treaty of Alliance. In 1780 Benedict Arnold started telling the British American secrets like the traitor he was, unfortunately he escaped to the British side. In 1781 all 13 states accepted the Articles of Confederation, which was basically the first form of government.

In 1791 General Cornwalis surrendered at Yorktown. Although the surrender of Cornwalis marked the end of the American revolution it took two more years to get an official peace treaty, that peace treaty was called the Treaty of Paris (there are two treaties of Paris one to end the French and Indian war and one to end the American revolution). The positions of government were filled in, George Washington as chairman, the federation replaced with the three pronged federal government and the Senate and the House of Representatives were created.

Grade 7 English Lesson 123

Today I read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. After his brother went to bed Tom went off to the graveyard with his friend, they saw some men and one of the men killed the other. After taking off they hid behind a ruined building for a while and the pair split off to their own homes. The next morning Tom had been found out by his brother, his aunt pulled him aside and told him to stop breaking her heart which was even worse to Tom than punishment. The whole village had heard about the murdering and tried to determine the killer, Tom and his friend resisted from telling the truth. Tom was developing a toothache so his aunt bought painkillers but soon Tom was addicted to them so Aunt Polly stopped the treatment.

Grade 8 Personal Finance Lesson 81

Today I learned about interning and apprenticeship. An intern is most likely someone who wants to explore their options for their next job. They may be unpaid and are most likely still in school. Companies that hire interns often have projects good for part time employees and know that the intern is not likely to work for them in the future. An apprentice is someone who knows what kind of job he or she wants. They are most likely paid and are not in school. Companies that hire apprentices typically have an apprentice work side by side on normal project work. The companies usually have the apprentice work on craft work and expect the apprentice to work for them full time in the future.

Grade 8 Science Lesson 76

Today I learned about asteroids. An asteroid is basically a chunk of rock that orbits between the inner and outer planets. Though there are asteroids that aren’t between the inner and outer planets. They are also called minor planets or dwarf planets and are much smaller than major planets. The biggest recorded asteroid also happens to be the first asteroid discovered. Its name is 1 Ceres, the number 1 means that it was the 1st asteroid discovered. However at the time it was discovered they thought it was a planet. That’s because at that time astronomers thought that there was a missing planet between Jupiter and Mars because of the Titius Bode Law. You see the Titius Bode law basically says that there must be a certain distance between each planet. And Mars and Jupiter are really far apart. So when Ceres was found, it was the right distance and it was fairly large so they had found their “planet”.

Fun fact: the asteroid belt isn’t like Star Wars where you have to go out of your way to dodge asteroids. Even though there are thousands of asteroids in the asteroid belt, the average distance between each asteroid is about the length between the moon and the earth. Which if you didn’t see my lesson on the moon is 240,000 miles.

Grade 7 English Lesson 122

Today I read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. After a whole day of church Tom went home.   The next day was Monday and Tom didn’t like Mondays, so he tried to pretend to be sick so that he wouldn’t have to go to school but that didn’t work. In fact it revealed that his tooth was loose so his aunt tied it to a bedpost and thrust a chunk of firewood into his face, the tooth lay by the bed. While in class Tom was bored but when he reached into his pocket he found a tick, his friend joined in on the action and the two fought over who got to play with the tick. Tom then thought about his future and ended up wanting to be a pirate, later he met up sith his friend and pretended to be Robin Hood.