Lesson 180 Essay

Today I will write a essay about what I learned in this year. I might have already done that in the term paper but this essay mainly emphasizes on what I liked, disliked and would have changed. I learned about many words that I actually use. I know the structure of stories and what makes them good. I enjoyed reading some classic stories. Unfortunately I didn’t pass both of the CLEP practice tests but that explains why I’m not in college yet. I would change the fact that my teacher randomly picked a practice CLEP test which had questions about books I haven’t read yet. I liked some of the writing exercises like the one where I had to write about what life was like back then. What helped me the most this year was the writing exercises. Sometimes it’s hard to learn how to do something without doing it.


Grade 8 Personal Finance Lesson 144

Today I learned more on using macro data. Today we will be looking at unemployment. First off unemployment rates are the number of people unemployed by the number of people in the labor force. You are in the labor force if you are employed for an hour a week and if your are not employed but are looking for work. Another more uncommon statistic that is still very important is the labor force participation rate (LFPR). Which is calculated by dividing the labor force by the population. Lets say there are 100,000 people in the labor force and 8,000 unemployed people which makes the unemployment rate 8%. Now the LFPR falls 2,000 people who were considered unemployed drop out of the labor force. Now 6,000 people are unemployed and there are 98,000 people in the labor force making the unemployment rate 6.1%. The unemployment rate dropped by two percent! Great right? Well actually no, 2,000 people just dropped out of the labor force. There are no more people that have a job than before in fact there are probably less.

Grade 8 Science Lesson 139

Today I learned about web application development. If you want to become a web developer here are some tips I got from watching this video that my teacher gave me. If you want to get into web application development then you have to, no matter what learn front end. Like HTML, CSS and Javascript. Get comfortable with these because it doesn’t matter what browser it’s probably going to run one of these three front ends. No matter what route you take you want to learn a few other things. Basic terminal usage is scary because, well just look at it.

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Welcome to the MATRIX

Yeeeaaah, anyways, It’s also important to learn Github. You want to learn about web services, API’s or restful web services. Not necessarily learn how to make web services but learn what they are. Learn how the internet works. There are three main parts to the internet, the client (front end), the server (back end) and the database. The way they work together is like this, you want whatever.com so the client pulls up whatever.com from the servers. Whatever.com has some data on the homepage but it doesn’t know what that data is so it requests the homepage data from the database.