Grade 8 Science Lesson 158

Today I learned about malware. Malware is software written to intentionally cause unanticipated or undesirable effects. Malicious code can do anything a “normal” code can do. Malicious code can change data or other programs. There are different types of malware. There’s viruses which are a hidden, self replicating section of computer software, usually malicious logic, that propagates by infecting another program or system memory. There are also two types of viruses. A transient virus is active only when it’s host program is active. And a resident virus establishes itself in the computer’s memory and can remain active without it’s host. A worm a computer program that can run independently, can propagate a complete working version of itself on other hosts on a network, and may consume computer resources destructively. There’s a trojan horses which are computer programs that appear to have a useful function, but also has a hidden and malicious purpose that evades security mechanisms, sometimes by exploiting the legitimate authorizations of the user who invokes the program. A zombie is a malicious software that enables a computer to be controlled by a remote master machine. A logic bomb is a malicious program logic that activates when specified conditions are met. Usually intended to cause denial of service or otherwise damage system resources. A time bomb is a type of logic bomb that activates at a specified date/time. There are just many types of malware and I just mentioned a few.


Grade 8 History Lesson 17

The Mexican War of Independence


     After Christopher Columbus Spain went on to colonize Mexico. And just like in the French revolution there were three social classes. The royalty was the upper class, they were Spanish but they were all born in Spain. The Criollos were the middle class, they were below the royalty and were born in Mexico. Lastly the Indians and Mestizos were the lower class, they were mostly poor farmers and peasants born in Mexico. The Mestizos also made up about 90% of the population.

     The story starts with a man called Miguel Hidalgo, he was a criollo that became a priest. He always loved the people and strived to improve their lives. He eventually got into politics, and began having his own issues with the royalty. So he and some other criollos began to scheme a revolt. However their plans were found out. So what did Hidalgo do? He went straight to the people and gave them a speech called the Grito de Dolores or the Cry of Dolores. Which called the people to arm themselves with axes, clubs and machetes! The crowd swept through villages plundering rich estates and much of Mexico was under the leadership of Hidalgo. However Hidalgo was a priest and not a military commander and soon enough the royalty captured him, tried him, and executed him for treason. However this was not the end.

     Another priest stepped up, and his name was José María Morelos. Morelos organized a small army and took over the city of Acapulco. He then declared Mexico a free nation and drew up a new government. The tree goals of this government was to, one give equal rights to all races. Two end special privileges of the royalty and roman catholic church. And three break up large estates into plots for peasant farmers. However the criollos at this stage of the Mexican War of Independence, abandoned the lower class to side with the royalty. Without the support the lower class could not continue the fight and Morelos was captured, and met the same fate as Hidalgo.

     To try and finish off the revolt once and for all the viceroy of New Spain hired an upper class royalist named Agustín de Iturbide. However he quite did the opposite. Instead he saw a great need for change in the structure of Mexico. And gambled side with the lower class to make that change. He ended the Mexican War of Independence, signed the Treaty of Córdoba and decreed the flag of Mexico. However he went to far when he declared himself the new emperor of the Mexican Empire. I mean these people did all this just to free themselves from the king of Spain. So a general by the name of Antonio López de Santa Anna ousted him. And under the aggressive leadership of Santa Anna Mexico became a republic.

Grade 8 English Lesson 16

Ludwig van Beethoven


      Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany in 1770. He actually didn’t have the inclination to perform. Because his teacher who was also his father, drank heavily and relied on him to pay the family bills. Beethoven also had to deal with the fact that he hardly had any social graces and remained a unhappy bachelor for all his life. In his late twenties he started to have humming in his ears. Beethoven did not want to be dismissed as not being a serious musician so he tried to hide it. After trying several hearing devices complete deafness set in at 48 and Beethoven resorted to communicating through “conversation books”. Now eight of Beethoven’s symphonies were composed in almost complete deafness. Yes I know there are nine symphonies, I also know that Beethoven never heard it. Yes sadly Beethoven conducted his ninth symphony in complete deafness.

Grade 8 English Lesson 17

Today I read A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens chapters 5-6 of book one and 1-2 of book two. I also had to write a paragraph about the best birthday present I got.

The best birthday present I got was a trip to Disney Land. Happiest place on earth is questionable. But fun was everywhere. I enjoyed the new section that was made from the parking lot A.K.A California Adventures. My dad was really tense about how we maneuver through the park. I gonna tell you the secret. Get there before it opens get on the train, go to the back and have fun in the near empty tomorrow land with the other smart people.

Grade 8 Science Lesson 157

Today I learned about network security. I specifically learned about firewalls. There are several things that make networks vulnerable to attack. There’s anonymity, in a networked environment the attacker does not need to be in physical contact with an information system in order to attack it. Second a networked environment can potentially expose many points of attack. From a security standpoint, a network is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Third networks allow computational resources and workloads to be shared. Which means that more people have access to the resources. Fourth, network architecture is often complex which means that there is a greater chance that a loophole will be overlooked. Fifth since the boundaries of a network can change, if is often difficult to ensure the entire network is secure. Now lets talk about port scanning. A port scanner is a software program that is designed to examine one or more IP addresses and record which ports are open and which known vulnerabilities are present. A network administrator or security analyst can use a port scanner to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a network. An attacker can also use a port scanner to assess ho or at which point to attack a network. High quality port scanners are freely available white-hats or black-hats alike. One way of controlling threats from port scanners is to implement a segmented network architecture. In a segmented network, many hosts belong to protected sub-networks that are not directly visible to the outside world. Finally a firewall is a device that is designed to prevent unauthorized outside users from accessing a network or workstation. A firewall also prevents inside users from transmitting sensitive information or accessing unsecured resources. A firewall protects a local network from the outside global network. Firewalls work by inspecting each inbound or outbound packet and determining whether it should be blocked or allowed to pass through.

Grade 8 English Lesson 16

Today I started the book A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. I also had to write a paragraph about my favorite color.

My Favorite color is red. I like it because, well I also like strawberries. I like red just because I like the way it looks. Ok? Can’t a guy be simple. Well I also used to like yellow because bumble bee (from transformers) was yellow. However now that Michael Bay just took one of my favorite parts of transformers out of transformers, its red. My two favorite things about transformers are one, transformations and two, awesome robot fights. And they just decided lets add more robot battles, but most of the robots just do whatever you call this. Image result for transformations in transformers 4