Grade 8 English Lesson 51

Today I started reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriett Beecher Stowe chapters 1-4. I also had to write a 1-2 page essay.

Today I will write an essay on the following topic. Are snap judgements better than decisions to which people give a lot of thought. Personally I think that thinking something out is more wise and will most likely end up going well. I was given a prompt that said that when we make snap judgements we make them because they ultimately work out better than if we thought through it. I think he was trying to say the reason we make snap judgments is because we think that it will end up better than if we thought it through. Ultimately I think the reason we make snap judgements is because we don’t want to spend the time planning things out. We think that in the time we spend planning we could actually get something done. My parents never buy something at the full price. They wait for a sale and use coupons to save some money. A dollar here and a nickel there adds up in the long run. Snap judgements are okay in situations like “Shall we buy some cereal?” However think the big things though like buying the car. Try to buy last year’s model to save money. Even better buy a used car. My parents were able to buy a Passat for only ten thousand bucks. And they drove it for 2-3 years and when it started to break down they took all the good stuff off of it and sold the car. When it comes to it snap judgements don’t always work out that well. Think before you make a decision it will save you money and time.

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