The Biblical Principle of Government, Week 1

Today I started a ten week program taught by Mike Winther. It’s called The Biblical Principle of Government. Today was focused on building the foundation of what was to come. Your worldview is like a fort, in that each wall is something history and theology. Your enemies go for the weakest wall whatever it may be. This is why Christian students who went into high school and college stopped believing. When debating with someone make sure you know what you are actually debating on. This is represented by a tree. In that if you start arguing about a branch there will be no effect. You have to find the stump and work on that. And when it comes to making decisions don’t base them off of practicality. For example if two people plan weeks to rob a bank and have worked out that there was a 98% chance of success. And they fail, that’s because they based their plan on practicality. If they had based their plan on principle, and the principle was the ten commandments, they would have not robbed a bank in the first place. Because thou shall not steal. Now onto the controversial Creation-Evolution debate. First of all using science, it has been proven a mutation in the evolution could not have been possible. Because there is no order from disorder without intelligence. It’s like getting all the pieces of an air craft. There is no way it would become assembled without intelligence. The Holocaust was a horrible event no matter how you look at it, but do you know why it happened? Hitler was a believer in evolution. And since humans are just highly evolved animals there are humans that are higher evolved than others. Hitler believed that he was higher evolved the the Jews. So he killed them. There’s nothing shocking about a leopard killing an antelope and eating it. In this case it was just Hitler and the Jews. With Christianity we all come from Adam and Eve therefore all races are considered equal and the only different races are believers and non-believers.

The Bible mentions four governments. Self government, Family government, Church government, and Civil government. The source of anything determines the use of something. So where do rights come from. If they come from the government the government would have the ability to take away our rights. If they come the majority then the majority would choose to take away the rights of the minority. If it came from the bill of rights, the people who made the bill of rights could take away rights. If rights came from space aliens, space aliens could take away our rights and etc. If rights came from God he would have the ability to take away our rights. However the good news is that our God gave us our rights and he never changes.