Grade 9 Business Lesson 15

Today I did a review. I also had to write a one to two page essay.

Today I wrote an essay on the following topic. Why is running my own business a way to guarantee my employment in 2030? Well my obvious first answer is, nobody can fire you from your own business. Unless your business fails, which it might, you have a job. Since it’s only 2017, there is still some time to try starting a business. Because your first business has a much higher chance of failing than your second one, start early. If your second one fails, try a third one, it the third one instantly fails, maybe you haven’t put into account if people want your product or not. My point is a business may not be a stable job, and it may fail, but that’s why you start early. When you’re young you can afford to fail, it’s not like you have a family to support. There’s no better way to learn something than to do it. With robots and many other things taking jobs, there’s no guarantee one won’t take yours. As I said as time goes on, the automation of the workplace will continue. And as a business owner, it makes sense to to automate, and make things more efficient. If you are an employee, you might be working along side robots, but as a business owner, you gain more profit from them.


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