Grade 8 English Lesson 87

Today I read A Tale of the Western Planes by G.A Henty chapters 3-4. I also wrote a one to two page essay.

Today I wrote an essay on the following topic. Can people have too much enthusiasm? Generally when people are enthusiastic about something, it means they are exited about something or they want it now. So if they are enthusiastic about their work they will work harder, and probably even enjoy their work. However if someone is really enthusiastic about this plan which you know is going to fail, it’s really hard to get that person to change their mind. Have you ever wanted something really bad and found out that it sucks after you have it? Yeah, your parents or whoever tried to say that you wouldn’t want it, but did you care? You probably didn’t. So enthusiasm can be a bad thing. And even when it’s a good thing. Generally too much of a good thing can turn bad. Still enthused about your work? Well you might become a workaholic and become unhealthy due to not eating enough. Too much enthusiasm can be a bad thing, but is too much enthusiasm even possible. Well, I think that there is a limit, to how enthused someone is. If there is a little kid that wants this toy, bad, and you tell him he can’t have it. For one he’s gonna freak out, and two, if you wait long enough he will get over it. You don’t normally see two in America cause parents seem to get babies whatever they want. So when their super cute baby becomes a child that will scream every time he doesn’t get what he wants, know this. If you give a baby everything it want as a baby, what do you think he expects when he turns into a kid? Everything! So that’s why you have kids screaming in supermarkets in America, their parents don’t get him everything they want. Anyways I think there is a limit to enthusiasm.


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