Grade 8 English Lesson 122

Today I proofread chapters 4-6 of my storybook.


ABC Lesson 35

Today I learned about speed reading. Most people want to read faster, but they don’t know that it takes a certain strategy. There are some bad habits when it comes to reading.

  1. Reading for exams
  2. Reading without skimming first
  3. Reading at the same speed
  4. Reading to recall more than three major facts

Good habits

  1. Preview an article or book.
  2. Read the conclusion first.
  3. Skim each chapter first.
  4. Speed read over familiar material.
  5. Read faster as you get into the book.
  6. Mark new ideas with a pencil.
  7. Pay attention to the logic. (Slow down.)
  8. Review the pencil markings.
  9. Record major ideas on Evernote.
  10. Select key words for retrieval.
  11. Read several book reviews.
  12. Write a book review and post it.
  13. Practice speed reading daily.
  14. Keep pushing to read faster.
  15. Re-read books that shaped your thinking.

The myths of reading.

  1. You will recall more than a fraction.
  2. Quantity is better than analysis.
  3. You should stick with a bad book.
  4. A book’s price is the main expense.
  5. You can-rethink just one thing.

What to conclude from this?

  • Vary your speed in terms of the content.
  • Spend more time thinking than reading.
  • Take good notes on important ideas.
  • You will recall almost nothing.
  • Learn to recall the important stuff.

Grade 8 English Lesson 119

Today I read The War of the Worlds by H.G Wells. I also had to write a 1-2 page essay with the challenge of having to use one of the literary devices that I was shown.

Today I will write an essay on the following topic. Does true loyalty require unconditional support? Well loyalty is obeying whoever or whatever you are loyal to. So I would think that true loyalty would be to do whatever you are told. If you are truly loyal then you would do anything that your master says no matter if it’s good or bad. If master says, put this man to sleep, then you do what he says. That’s what I would think. If your master becomes evil or something and orders you to do something bad, if you don’t do it, you’re not loyal. Being loyal is often thought of as a positive trait, but you can be loyal and be a bad person. You always see those action movies where the bad guy has this super loyal brute, and the brute does everything he says. That’s an example of a bad, but loyal person. This essay so far has been really dark, lets change the direction of it. If you are truly loyal to a good person, then you will endure what ever it takes to obey him. Like you would risk your life to obey him. People truly loyal to God do amazing things, like move out of their expensive house, quit their great job and go to places where they are needed. People loyal to God do good things because God is good, and he wants us to  help other people, by doing good things and spreading the word.

Grade 8 English Lesson 118

Today I read The War of the Worlds by H.G Wells, chapters 15-17 of book one to 1-3 of book two. I also had to write a 1-2 page essay with the challenge of using the three types of comparisons at least once.

Today I will write an essay on the following topic. Must our achievements benefit others in order to make us truly happy? I would feel guilty if all my achievements only benefited me. But since I am still a kid my goals, or what I am trying to achieve is to learn my subjects well. Does that benefit others directs, not really, but will doing that make me happy, in the long run. That doesn’t make me a selfish person, everybody has or had an achievement that benefits themselves, that’s just how it is. Should all our achievements benefit ourselves only? Definitely not. It is our God given duty to help others that can’t help themselves. I’m just saying, achievements don’t definitely need to help others to make us happy. Really it depends on the person, this question varies with different people. Some people can’t live without helping other people like a servant. And some people including me can be happy without benefiting other people, not saying we shouldn’t. But it says truly happy. To be entirely honest, every time I’m happy I think about the people who aren’t as privileged. It’s the same way with when you’re complaining, then you realize those who are happy with much less than you. So I think that it varies between people, but for me I can’t be truly happy when my achievements don’t benefit others.

Grade 8 English Lesson 117

Today I read The War of the Worlds by H.G Wells, chapters 8-14. I also had to write a 1-2 page essay with the challenge of using the rule of three three times in my essay.

Today I will write an essay on the following topic. Are there some heroes who will be remembered forever? Or are all heroes doomed to be forgotten one day? Today we know many heroes that are brave, selfless, and willing to lay down their lives for a cause. But I have noticed that some people are starting to care less about history and all that are in it. Young people these days say that history is useless, about remembering dates, and boring. You have to admit at some point that the way history is presented in America, it is what they say. I can’t even remember seventy-five percent of the lessons in my history books. The whole goal of learning history, is to not repeat it’s mistakes. Now will some heroes be remembered forever? I think so, less maybe but still some. Living in America, we should remember the names of our founding fathers as freedom fighters, bold, and the planters of the seeds of a nation. If people forget our founding fathers then America has not gone the way the founding fathers meant it to. It already has veered off course substantially, with every president in the past few decades breaking the constitution. But yeah not to veer of course of the topic I’m writing about, I think there will be some who will never be forgotten, but some will disappear. Though thinking about it now, any historical websites will be on the internet for a very long time, it’s just if anyone will bother to visit them.