ABC Lesson 41

Today I learned about Scrivener. Scrivener is a word processing program designed with developers in mind. I don’t have much to say except that it’s pretty similar to Evernote. About preparing and planning for your papers. Every paper has a has an introduction, chapters, and a conclusion. In the introduction you basically tel them what you’re going to tell them. In the chapters tell them what you want them to know. And in the conclusion you remind them of what you just told them.

ABC Lesson 40

Today I learned how to use WordPress. Wordpreception. I pretty much know how to use WordPress judging by the fact that you are reading this post right now. But he pretty much tells me:

  1. The benefits of WordPress
  2. How to set up a WordPress account
  3. How to use the WordPress interface
  4. How to start posting
  5. Some posting tips
  6. How to use the dashboard interface
  7. How to change the appearance of your website
  8. How to use widgets