Grade 8 English Lesson 1 Essay

Today I will tell you what I did for summer. Last summer was a handful. In June me and my family went to a home school convention. In July we went to Universal Studios where we just happened to stumble upon the Walking Dead walk-through. Apparently the place need some “scary stuff”. (I’m never going to that walk-though again) On that same trip we went to Sequoia National Park. Where we looked at trees, learned about trees and walked through a downed tree. There’s just something about that place that makes you feel small. Then we went to Kings Canyon National Park. We got a Junior ranger badge like this one there Image result for Junior ranger badges for sequoia     I’m not obsessed with these badges because sometimes I just want to enjoy the experience. However It proves I’m there and they’re nice to collect. However we weren’t on a trip all July my dad an mom worked hard to find a house that was bigger than the one at Donoso Plaza. They looked until they found one in August. My birthday is August 11th so we celebrated that and started packing. We got comfy in our new home in Stockton. So yeah that was the summer of 2016 for me.


Lesson 180 Essay

Today I will write a essay about what I learned in this year. I might have already done that in the term paper but this essay mainly emphasizes on what I liked, disliked and would have changed. I learned about many words that I actually use. I know the structure of stories and what makes them good. I enjoyed reading some classic stories. Unfortunately I didn’t pass both of the CLEP practice tests but that explains why I’m not in college yet. I would change the fact that my teacher randomly picked a practice CLEP test which had questions about books I haven’t read yet. I liked some of the writing exercises like the one where I had to write about what life was like back then. What helped me the most this year was the writing exercises. Sometimes it’s hard to learn how to do something without doing it.