ABC Lesson 4

Today I learned about following instructions. It doesn’t matter how good you do a job if it’s the wrong job. Which is why it’s important to listen clearly to instructions. An athlete can listen to his coaches instructions and win a game. But at the same time he doesn’t believe he can do math, and fails at the test. You know why he fails the test, it’s because he doesn’t have the same determination to follow the instructions. Often times how wel we do at things comes down to how determined we are to follow the instructions.


ABC Lesson 3

Today I learned about home offices. As a kid my job is to do my homework and do well at school. In my case my school is my house. Either way you still have to do homework. And it is important to have your own little “home office” just like business men. There are a couple of things you need for a home office, according to Gary North:

  1. A desk
  2. A bookshelf that sits on your desk
  3. A good reading light
  4. A desk chair that supports your lower back.
  5. A file cabinet or a box, with some hanging folders
  6. Two card file for 3″ by 5″ and 6″ by 8″ note cards
  7. A 3-ring notebook for holding class notes
  8. A large, 3-hole, wide-margin, spiral-bound notebook for taking lecture notes

He also told me to set up a time to be at my desk each day. To try and reduce noise. And to schedule in sleep time, yes even Gary North takes cat naps.

ABC Lesson 2

Today I learned about long term goal setting. I watched a video about a fascinating study. A child was left alone in a room with a marshmallow, and was promised another marshmallow if the first one was still there. The results were that one third of the children waited, while the other two thirds didn’t. However the most fascinating part about the study was that 100% of the children who waited grew up to be a success.

ABC Lesson 1

Today I started ABC, or Academic Boot Camp. This course is basically setting my up for college. Starting off with the basics, I’ll try to get my reading speed up to at least 500 wpm. I also was introduced to a a technique a professor used in college to get straight As. What he would do was he would take notes during class, and then he would recite what he learned to the wall. As ridiculous as it sounds it worked. It has been proven that there is no better way to retain knowledge than to teach it. So even though you are talking to the wall, you are putting things in your own words, and that is how it works. Don’t look at your notes while you are “teaching your class” otherwise that defeats the purpose.

Biblical Principles of Government, Week 5

Before I went to the fifth week of Biblical Principles of Government, I had the big task of reading the constitution. There are two main ways to control government, and frankly many other things. One is to give it a to-do list, and make sure that the government doesn’t do anything that’s not on the to do list. Two is to make a list, a very long list of things the government can not do. Guess which one will be shorter? The to-do list. And a to-do list the constitution is. However when the constitution was presented, some people didn’t think it was enough. They wanted wanted to make a list of things the government can’t do. So the first 10 amendments of the constitution are what’s called the bill of rights. The bill of rights are a list of things that the government cannot do. So we have a list of things a government should do and a list of things a government should not do on the constitution. While the bill of rights is not necessary, it is not a bad thing. Now the government in the United states has overstepped it’s authority. For example, have you heard of executive orders, the orders that the president make? Well many presidents have used it to make laws, republican or democrat. However it is unconstitutional for a president to use executive orders to create laws.

Now back to economics. There are two economic systems the free market and socialism. In a free market, everything is voluntary. There is not interference from the government. So if you want to work for someone for $1 voluntarily then you can. The basis of the free market is, no one trades if they don’t see value in it. With socialism there is a lot of government interference. The government decides what that thing sells for. You can’t work for that guy for $1. And there are many involuntary transactions both ways. From rich to poor or poor to rich. The basis of socialism is that the government measures value. But the thing is, there is no certain measure of value. If you pay $30 dollars for a pair of shoes it could be worth it or not worth it. You could have hundreds of pairs of shoes and those shoes could still be useful. Or you could have two pairs of shoes and not be satisfied with the deal. We have some degree of socialism if either of these two things exist.

  1. Government control of capital
  2. Forced redistribution of wealth

Is the government taking from the rich and giving to the poor? Yes. Is the government taking from the poor and giving to the rich? Yes. Does the government have control of capital? Definitely. So what about communism? Communism is when the government owns capital.

Obviously I think socialism is wrong, but why? So imagine there are ten families on an island in the middle of nowhere. They have tried using currency but it hasn’t worked. So one of them says “let’s try out socialism.” So they try it. There are ten families, each family works ten hours, and each family makes one of whatever they are making each hour. At the end of the first day everybody puts all their products in the middle and everybody takes 10 things home. The next day one guy and his family gets smart and says “I’m gonna rest during the hottest hour of the day.” So that night everybody gets together, but now there are only 99 things in the middle. For the sake of socialism they grab 9.9 of the things in the middle each. That family worked one hour less but got 0.9 units more. The next day another family says “Well if they can rest so can we.” So now there are two families making 9 units a day and eight families making 10 units a day. So that night there are 98 things in the middle. Everything is split up and everybody gets 9.8 things. That second family gets 0.8 units more for one less hour of work. You get the point. Eventually everybody’s gonna get smart and think about their personal gain. However the more who rest the less is produced. You see that island of people will starve to death because of socialism. Unless that is they are forced to work.

There are two types of economic losses. Motivational losses, A sort of “why work” thing in which there are two types. Working people who lose their hard earned rewards. And lazy people who won’t bother to work because they are being provided for by the hard working. For example the island happen to notice that a family is better off then the rest of them, they will take some from that family and give it to the family that is not that well off. However if that family continues to be well off they won’t just let their produce be taken from them, so they hide their assets. And on the flip side there will also be people pretending to be poor so they gain more. Because of this the island decide to have one person take some from the well off and give to the not that well off. Which brings is to our second economic loss, distributional loss. That family that is now distributing wealth is not working anymore. The less of something there is, the more it will cost. So now the poor family can’t buy anything because everything costs a lot more. And if you think that the distributional loss is only so great because the island has only ten people. Our current government has about 25% of it’s workers distributing wealth. If those people were to get jobs and make things everything would cost 30% less. Socialism is causing poverty. Because our government has so many people that could be doing something else, working distributing money. Everything costs a lot more for the lower class increasing the poverty in America. So who’s gonna provide for the poor. Christians are told if you have extra give to the poor. This way it’s voluntary. And if you adopt a free market, those who work distributing money will go and get other job which will make everything cheaper. Which is less spent by the christian which means more to donate.

Biblical Principles of Government, Week 4

Today I learned about Economics. Economics is a biblical science. Directly translated they mean “Laws of the household.” There are two types of economics, micro economics which are the economics of a household or firm. And Macro economics, which are the economics of a nation or region. However Micro economics are the same as Macro economics, and vice versa. Now onto some very important economic principles. Capital is the means of production. And also excess production. Trade is giving an item or items to gain another item. Specialization is the focusing of time of resource on a specific task. Currency acts as a medium of exchange and has to be:

  1. Durable
  2. Divisible
  3. Portable
  4. Scarce
  5. Incentric value

Simply put inflation is an increase in the supply of money. It is also a transfer of money. However the more of something there is, the less it’s worth. So while paper money is somewhat durable, divisible, and portable. It isn’t scarce. Think about it, it’s paper and ink. And at the rate that our government is printing money it’s definitely not incentric. Which means it won’t retain it’s value 20 years from now. In fact inflation is stealing from us. When they print more money to spend it makes the money worth less and less. So even if the money in your account has a 1% interest rate, it looses 5% of it’s value due to inflation. The government is stealing from us period.


The Biblical Principle of Government, Week 3

God tells us to submit to authority. However he only tells us to submit to authorities who’s author is God. In other words Christian submission only applies to legitimate government. Now let me move on to individualism and collectivism. Individualism puts the individual paramount. Collectivism put the group paramount. In the scripture it is said that if one sheep is lost, Jesus will leave the other ninety-nine to find that one sheep. Obviously Jesus is an individualist. However if God says “thou shall not murder” that doesn’t mean you can grab a group of people and go around murdering people. If one person cannot commit murder, then many cannot commit murder. So God’s laws apply to the government. Did you know that the bible tells us what the highest tax rate should be? When the Israelites wanted a king “because everyone else had one”. God warned them that a king would take ten percent of their money and food. The reason why this is so important is because God was supposed to get ten percent of the people’s money and food. So making a tax rate ten percent or up is saying that you are more important than God. However the United States federal government is taking at least ten percent of your income. And the more you earn the higher the tax rate. The government cannot take more then they are told by God.

The Government is made out of three branches. The Executive, which is the president. The Legislative who are the lawmakers are split into two groups, the Senate and the House. And the Judicial, which is the judge. I’m going to put a concept in your mind. That those with the most power should be checked on the most. And that power corrupts good people. So we supposedly have three branches of government that have equal power, right? Well using that concept. The Executive branch has a term of office for four years. The Senate ha a term of office for six years. The House has a term of office for 2 years. And the Judicial has a term of office for life. In terms of terms of office the House is checked on the most, meaning they have the most power. The Executive is in second in power. The Senate is third in power and the Judicial is forth in power. Also there are different types of government power in our government. The Executive branch is a Monarchy. The Senate is an Oligarchy, the House is a Democracy. And the Judicial is an Oligarchy. Our founding fathers knew that each form of government had it’s pros and cons, so they put them all in our government. Because sometimes a Monarchy is good, believe it or not, you don’t want the people voting whether or not to move our fleet here or there. I realize that I was going to say that our founding fathers didn’t mean to create a government. If you mean to differ, wouldn’t a government put “murdering is illegal” in their constitution. See for yourself. Unless you propose that our founding fathers though murdering was okay, our founding fathers didn’t mean to make a government. And just to clarify I made the chart I drew much neater. P1120554.JPG I’m sorry if you can’t read my handwriting, I normally write in cursive.