A Waste of time

My parents want me to use more paper and less WordPress when it comes to science. So no more blog posts for science.


Grade 9 Science Lesson 11

Today I learned about projectile motion and centripetal acceleration.

  • More projectile motion
    • Fired straight up, time in flight, comes down with same speed as it went up
    • Second, use that time to figure calculate how far the projectile goes.
  • Centripetal acceleration
    • Race cars
    • Satellites

Grade 9 Science Lesson 8

Today I learned about gravity, velocity and acceleration in one dimension.

  • Gravity
    • Constant 9.81 m/s² at sea level
  • Calculating change in velocity for an object under constant acceleration
  • Calculating the distance traveled by an accelerating body

My assignments were as follows.

  • You drop a rock down a well, after three seconds you hear a splash. How far down is the surface of the water?
  • A runner completes a 5km race in 30 minutes, what is the runner’s average speed?
  • A sprinter starts from rest, and after 4.0s is running at 12 m/s, what is the sprinter’s average acceleration.
  • A car is driving along at 100km/hr how quickly does the car need to decelerate (negative acceleration) to come to rest in 2 seconds. Do you think this is likely? Why or why not?

Oh boy, that’s a lot, so these assignments are hard to write out for you to understand. So I’m going to have to do these on paper.

Grade 9 Science Lesson 7

Today I learned about acceleration.

  • Acceleration
    • Average and instantaneous
  • Vectors and scalars
  • Graphical analysis
    • Slopes
    • Areas

My assignments were as follows.

  • From the Variable acceleration spreadsheet create a spreadsheet and graph that shows velocity with respect to time, and one showing displacement with respect to time.
  • Create a spreadsheet and graph showing velocity of a free falling object with respect to time and make another spreadsheet and graph showing distance vs. time. Use a constant acceleration of 9.81 m/s² down.

Grade 9 Science Lesson 6

Today I learned about position and change with respect to time.

  • Position
    • Coordinate system
  • Change in position with respect to time.
    • Velocity
      • Average velocity
      • Instantaneous velocity
      • Speed
  • Graphical analysis
    • Slopes
    • Areas

My recommended activities are as follows.

  • Make a spreadsheet that shows the velocity of a falling object as a function of time for 20 seconds. Estimate the distance the object has traveled after 5 seconds, after 15 seconds and after 20 seconds by estimating the area.
  • Make a spreadsheet that shows the position of a falling object and estimate the velocity at 5 seconds, 15 seconds, and 30 seconds.

I’ll get it done, so yeah.