Grade 8 Science Lesson 29

Today I learned about video seeding. It’s not that easy to get started on YouTube, with over 300 videos uploaded to YouTube. Often it can be hard to get noticed. With video seeding you can have bloggers and other YouTube channels feature your videos. Before you immediately send your video to them, think about if it will help their target audience.


Grade 8 Science Lesson 28

Today I learned how to be consistent with publishing videos. Think of being consistent with publishing your videos like having a favorite TV show that comes on at a certain time. It is convenient for your viewers to have a posting schedule. And people are more likely to subscribe if you are posting quality content at consistent times. It’s important to communicate when you publish new videos, preferably on the about page. And depending on what kind of channel you are, apologize if you miss a day. However if you know you are going to miss a day, let the audience know about your “down time.” In terms of frequency, strive for quality over quantity. It’s also important to be consistent with the length of your videos. As you should also be with style and type of video. If you don’t know how long your videos should be, it should be just long enough to spread your message.

Grade 8 Science Lesson 27

Today I learned about tent pole marketing. Tent pole marketing is linking your content with current trends. So say that thanksgiving day is approaching, you want to make content about thanksgiving. You can do it with movies too, say there’s a movie coming out, you could make a video about that movie. When certain things, like holidays and movies come around, people search for related things on YouTube. So it would make sense to make content related to those things.

Grade 8 Science Lesson 26

Today I learned about YouTube monetization. There are really four ways to make money on YouTube. Number one is Google AdSense, to do this you just have to monetize your videos on YouTube. The more views you have the more money you get, however by doing this you are putting your viewers through a lot of advertisement. I do not recommend this because it does not give you much, and you are sending your viewers away from your videos. And even if you have millions of viewers you could only make $500 dollars a month. Number two are affiliate products, you can make money by reviewing a product that you like and giving a link to it. Number three are sponsorships, where a company pays you to display their product. Number four is to look at YouTube as a lead generation source. Basically at the end of your videos tell them to go to your own website to learn more. It’s not really making money on YouTube, but it is drawing your whole YouTube audience to your own website.

Now a little bit more on Google AdSense. There are three things to note if you want to use Google AdSense. One, you must be 18 years or older to use it. Two, you have to make at least a hundred dollars in total to get paid. And three, you get paid the month after.


Grade 8 Science Lesson 24

Today I learned how to build a community of dedicated fans. The strongest communities are build off of a shared common belief. Sometimes people don’t like your content but will watch you because they share your belief. Also try to make people feel like they are a person and not a statistic on a chart. And that really is the basis on building a community of dedicated fans.

Grade 8 Science Lesson 23

Today I learned about Playlists. Playlists allow you to organize your videos, and they automatically transition to the next video in the playlist, increasing watch time. And the more watch time, the higher the video is ranked. You can also put other people’s videos in your playlist, which is great if you want to provide more quality content for your target audience, without making another video.