Grade 8 Shop Assignment #15 Paper Towel Holder

Today I finished my paper towel holder. P1120553     I did a lot today I drilled holes in the main piece of plastic. I cut out two other pieces of plastic, drilled them, and cut them into a plus shape. Then I bent each end and attached them to the holes in the main piece of plastic with some nuts and bolts. It was overall not too hard, just tedious. However tedious things wear me down a lot and it felt like it was taking forever. I like how practical these things are and my paper towel holder is probably going to be hung in the garage.


Grade 8 Shop Project #15

As these projects are only teaching the concept of bending plastic they are simpler. So a couple of these plastic projects count as one project. Today I started my paper towel holder. P1120108.JPGA little bit on both ends will be bend to actually hold the paper towel roll.

Grade 8 Shop Assignment #14 Pantograph

Today I finished my Pantograph.P1120098.JPG     The way the I have my pantograph set up it magnifys the image copies by 1.5. P1120099     If they don’t look that similar that’s because I still have to move it myself. And this was my first time using it. This project was actually pretty straight forward and I didn’t have much trouble with it.