Grade 9 English Lesson 95

Today I learned about Geronimo, Part 5. I also had to write a 100 word report.

Today I will write a report on who my target audience should be for my autobiography. Obviously I haven’t started writing my autobiography yet. And I don’t think an autobiography of a kid by a kid would be too good. So I’m gonna have some trouble with this topic.

My target audience for my autobiography currently would be… Well really right now I’m thinking fourteen year old public schooled kids. Maybe so they would have insight into the world of a homeschooled kid. I think that maybe adults would, well they would find it interesting. Really I think maybe adults. But just saying adults is like hitting the third outermost ring of a “target” in terms of accuracy. I think maybe people of thirty years of age, just because they’re not too young.

Really I don’t have that good of an idea of the age group I’m going for, or if it’s even an age group that matters. I’m just going off of who would find it interesting, so that I can make it specifically more interesting to them.


Grade 9 English Lesson 94

Today I learned about Geronimo, Part 4. For some reason, Dr. North tells me just to go straight to chapter 11, skipping chapter 10. Chapter 11: Heavy Fighting

  1. Peace treaty, 1880

Editor adds:
It is impossible to get Geronimo to understand that these troops served the general government instead of any particular town. He still thinks each town independent and each city a separate tribe. He cannot understand the relation of cities to the general government.

Chapter 12: Geronimo’s Mightiest Battle

  1. 1883-1884: more battles
  2. One last battle with Mexicans took place.

Chapter 13: Coming of the White Men

  1. The capture of Apaches

What to conclude from this?

  1. Apaches now used mules.
  2. Battles with Mexican troops continue until 1884.
  3. 1858: earliest contact with whites – surveyors.
  4. 1868: next encounter. Soldiers.
  5. 1869: peace treaty violated – captured in tent
  6. Apaches no longer trusted whites.

Grade 9 English Lesson 93

Today I learned about Geronimo, Part 3. Chapter 7: Fighting Under Difficulties

He still desired more revenge.

  1. Two men went with him. Both were killed.
  2. Another raid
  3. Initial target: a Mexican village
  4. They are discovered and shot at.
  5. They return home, and are attacked. Battle.
  6. 1860: he leads 25 men in an attack on Mexican troops. Battle.
  7. They rob a pack train.
  8. Mexican troops attack them. Battle.
  9. They return home.
  10. Mexican troops attack, and they kidnap four women: slave labor.
  11. Years later, they escaped.
  12. The story of the woman and the lion.

Chapter 8: Raids That Were Successful

  1. Another raid in 1862
  2. Another raid in 1863: a village.
  3. Another raid in 1865.
  4. Home
  5. 1865: a raid to steal cattle.

Chapter 9: Varying Fortunes

  1. 1865: another raid.
  2. 1866: another raid. Cattle rustling, horses.
  3. 1867: another raid. 8 men lead by chief.
  4. 1868: last raids, both sides.

What to conclude from this?

  1. Geronimo was obsessed by revenge.
  2. The raids continued, 1860-1868.
  3. The Apaches became cattle thieves.
  4. Both sides had defeats and victories.
  5. Geronimo has yet to mention any whites.

Grade 9 Drawing Assignment #12

Today I will reveal my twelfth assignment. p1120679-e1531288964726.jpgToday I drew a pretty flower, which was handpicked from my mom’s garden. You probably noticed that I didn’t set a ground for this one, and you would be correct. All I did was trace it on the viewfinder, then trace that onto paper, then look at the flower and make it better. I haven’t mentioned this but I tend to draw things really small. It’s just so much easier to draw things smaller, less details, shorter lines, it’s just generally easier. However with the drawings which are first traced from the viewfinder, I am basically forcing myself to draw bigger. I really struggled with assignment #11, which I mentioned was the first one I drew with a viewfinder. But yeah, there’s not much more to talk about. It’s just a flower for ya.

Grade 9 Drawing Assignment #11

So I actually drew this after assignment #9 so it’s gonna look a bit worse than #10 if you didn’t see that post. p1120678.jpgOkay there will never be enough hands. And yes it is the last assignment but with an eraser in the middle. At least I hope you could tell it was an eraser. This one wasn’t as good as the last one, I was just getting used to it. But still when I drew it I still thought it was the best thing I had ever drawn. Now that I look at it, it is a little faint. But yeah, basically assignment #11 is assignments #8 to #10 with an eraser in my palm.

Grade 9 Drawing Assignment #10

Okay things have been a little weird. I’ve actually already done assignments #11 and #12. Why? Well me and mom were a bit confused on what the book wanted us to do. Remember that viewfinder? P1120675This thing? Well what the book actually wanted us to do was use a dry erase marker and draw the outline of my hand on it. If you recall I tried drawing my hand on the paper. Well what I actually was supposed to do for the #8 assignment was to use a dry erase marker to draw my hand on the viewfinder. Then for the #9 assignment I was supposed to set a ground, which I did. For this tenth assignment I’m supposed to copy the viewfinders dimensions onto my exercise book, where the ground is and draw the hand there. Okay now that we’ve gotten that out of the way here the thing is.p1120677.jpg

I just love how the drawing looks with the ground. This is one of my favorite drawings. It just looks too professional. I mean if this is in an art museum then what would my drawing cost?Image result for black thick circle art  Absolutely nothing because you get it here free. That state of art these days makes me sad. Anyways with the ground you have an extra shade of color to work with. Or at least I feel so. It just really fills in the empty space. I know you can do that with a pencil, but it really is different to me. Anyways, prepare for the next assignment to look worse, because it’s the one I first learned how to draw with a ground.

Grade 9 English Lesson 92

Today I learned about Geronimo, Part 2. Chapter 4: Tribal Amusements, Manners, and Customs

  1. Major events had feasts.
    1. Dancing
    2. Wordless singing
    3. Games – contests and gambling
    4. Tribes were invited.
    5. They lasted four days.
  2. He described one game in detail.
  3. Religion
  4. Ethics/Sanctions
  5. Hunting
    1. Age 8 or 10
    2. Deer, elk, antelope, buffalo
    3. Buffalo were hunted on horseback.
    4. Deer were the most difficult to kill.
    5. Wild turkeys were in the forests
    6. Rabbits were plentiful.
    7. They did not eat fish.
  6. White men

Chapter 5: The Family

  1. Inheritance
  2. War
  3. Marriage
    1. He was 17.
    2. He immediately married.
    3. Bride price: a herd of ponies.

Chapter 6: Kas-Ki-Yeh

  1. Family killed by Mexicans (1858).
  2. 80 warriors returned to Arizona.
  3. Revenge (1859)

What to conclude from this?

  1. Feasting was important: songs, games.
  2. Religious services were short.
  3. Banishment was the supreme negative sanction.
  4. Hunting was an important practice.
  5. There was no economic inheritance.
  6. Access to the war counsel was a rite of passage.
  7. Revenge was basic.
  8. Pre-battle prayer: avoid negative sanctions.
  9. Scalping was basic.